2014 Iowa Caucus

As you know, C4L is a non-partisan organization.

We work to advance the cause of liberty in the public square, wherever and whenever liberty needs a voice.

We do not support one political party over another (we even support your right not to belong to any political party).

So please keep this in mind as you read this letter.

However, for those so inclined to take the cause of liberty to a political party, we at Campaign for Liberty want to provide you with important information about an upcoming opportunity to advance our principles.

This Tuesday, January 21 at 7:00 PM, the Iowa GOP will hold Precinct Caucuses across the state, and it is vital you attend your Caucus meeting.

Every four years, Presidential Candidates and thousands of cameras descend on Iowa for the Caucus. It is an event unlike any other. The off-year Caucus, though, is just as important, but you won’t see any cameras or press running around.

Though sparsely attended, the importance of the Caucus this Tuesday cannot be overstated.  The results of the Caucus and subsequent Conventions will determine who runs the Caucus in 2016.

Republican Party politics is really not that hard – you just have to show up at the right place at the right time.  If you want your ideas to win in Republican Party politics, you have to show up with more people than your opponents.

That’s the basic truth.  If more of your people show up than their people, you win.  If you don’t have enough people, the Establishment wins.  It really is that simple.

If you agree that liberty needs a voice, and if you want to make sure future pro-liberty advocates are not silenced by the GOP Establishment ever again, then I hope you continue to read this letter … and take action.

Here is what I’m asking you to do:

1.    Find out when and where your Caucus will take place by visiting http://www.iowagop.org/2014-caucus-page/

2.    Attend your GOP Caucus.

3.    Become a GOP delegate to your County Convention.

4.    Let my grassroots organizers know you plan to attend by CLICKING HERE.

You don’t have to be registered to vote beforehand, and you can change your registration at the caucus and be eligible to participate.

It doesn’t cost anything but a few hours of your time.  But here is what the cause of liberty gets when you invest your time and become a delegate to the County Convention:

●    You can decide who will make the rules, including the rules that run the Presidential Caucus in 2016.
●    You can be the voice for the cause of freedom and liberty in an important public forum.

Surprisingly, very few people take a few hours to take part in this important process.  Because of the low turnout, your voice for freedom and liberty will be even louder.

Thanks in advance for all you do to ensure the voice of liberty is heard everywhere and is not silenced anywhere.

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