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The below video featuring Ben Bernanke at the National Press Club on February 3, 2011, isn't notable so much for its content (which is full of the usual distortions and talking points) but for its existence.

After all, the Fed Chairman is one of the most influential, powerful figures on the political/economic scene, yet he was being forced to address our Audit the Fed initiative.  This conference came less than two years after Campaign for Liberty announced it would pursue Audit the Fed as its top legislative priority - a goal that attracted a fair share of naysayers - and, already, our pressure had resulted in a limited audit being turned into law.

Almost a year and a half later, a thorough audit would pass the U.S. House, again due to our pressure.  Thanks to our second-to-none members, auditing the Federal Reserve (with a legit, full audit) has become a major national issue (consistently polling at nearly 75% of Americans in support), with an intense spotlight staying squarely focused on the central bank.

Only a few years before, passing any sort of real audit - let alone building so much pressure that the Fed Chair would be forced to personally address the issue multiple times - would have seemed impossible.  Yet we made the "impossible" happen through relentless dedication, and though Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has so far stood in our way in the Senate, we can make what some believe to be out of reach happen again through continued efforts.  How far we take this cause is up to us.

If you haven't signed our Audit the Fed petition, you can do so here today.  Be sure to share it to help us spread the word on this effort and build even more pressure on Congress to act!

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