3rd Annual C4L Liberty Festival - August 27th, 2011

Michigan Campaign For Liberty

3rd Annual Liberty Festival

Honored Guest: Benny the Pig

Come and celebrate our liberties, successes, and volunteers

Click here to reserve a ticket, only $10!

Location: 7727 Sharon Hollow Road Manchester, Michigan 48158  Map

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time: 12 Noon Until the music stops and people leave

Accommodations:  Overnight Camping

The plan: enjoy food, music, vendors, bonfire, hay rides and liberties.  Our primary goal is to provide an event solely for the enjoyment of our members and volunteers.  To this end, we go to great lengths to keep the cost down while providing an event packed with value.

Latest Updates!

Music by the Blue Squares, The Can Openers, Aughney and Gurry, Harmonica rendition of the National Anthem by Bill Price.

Coin Dealers: Ann Arbor Stamp and Coin, Peterson Jewelers of Jackson, and Tecumseh Coins.

Michigan Senate Straw Poll.


What's on Tap

Children get in free.

No child left behind… Unless you find a babysitter.

Tons of food!

Redistributing Benny’s wealth.

Listen to the live bands playing blistering hot rock 'n' roll.

Benny won't mind the distraction.

Feel free to pitch a tent in the open area with family and friends.

Make your own little housing bubble.

Put your kids or yourself on the hay ride.

No baleouts.

Enjoy great conversation with your fellow human beings!  

Warning: This activity is not centrally planned.

Click to purchase tickets here, only $10


Overnight to 12:00 Noon... Benny the Pig is happily roasting, a welcome relief from his day job.
12:00 ... Parking is open, arrive anytime.

2:00... Official Kickoff with a harmonica rendition of the National Anthem played by Bill Price.
3:00... Dig in!  Benny and sides are ready to begin QE3 (Quality Eats, 3rd year).  Note: You are permitted to arrive late and there will probably still be food.
4:00... U.S. Senate candidates straw poll.
All afternoon... Bands, karaoke, hay rides, face painting, horseshoes and other games, gold & silver and other vendors, and beautiful weather.
Evening... More music, bonfire, more great conversation.
Overnight... Collapse scenarios.  Bring a tent and camp if you'd rather not drive home.

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