The 778 Million Dollar Lie

$778 million every 3 years. . .

That’s how far off HHS was in their estimate of how much Arkansas’ Medicaid expansion would cost taxpayers.

They claimed it would be “budget-neutral.”

Was this yet another intentional lie?

That brings the true cost of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in Arkansas to a whopping $4,778,000,000.00. . . every 3 years.

Even to the big-spenders in Washington, D.C. that’s a significant amount of money.

If the Arkansas legislature votes to continue the budget-busting program this year, our state will soon be required to start footing the bill for hundreds-of-millions of those dollars.

And that number doesn’t even include the amount the state already has to pay for costly new “administrative fees.”

Your taxes will have to be increased to pay for it.

Click here now to sign our “End ObamaCare in Arkansas” petition.

The truth is, if our new governor and the Arkansas legislature renew Medicaid expansion in the upcoming session, higher taxes and out-of-control spending could be the least of your worries.

This scheme could mean the death of private health care in America.

You see, ObamaCare is designed to completely destroy private sector competition and force all Americans onto a government-run system.

Let me lay out how their scheme works.

ObamaCare required states to expand their Medicaid entitlements to include young, able-bodied individuals who earn less than 138% of the poverty level.

The federal government would only cover the majority of the increased costs for “newly eligible” recipients until 2016, after which the states will begin to absorb a significant portion of the increase.

That means more money coming out of your pocket for big government.

That’s why I need you to sign the petition today.

Medicaid already cost taxpayers half-a-trillion dollars a year before states started expanding.

Imagine how much that number will skyrocket once one in four Americans become eligible!

The good news is the Supreme Court struck down the expansion requirement.

And while Arkansas forced ObamaCare down our throats last session, they have to vote to continue the failed program this session.

It’s imperative that your state legislators understand – a vote for Medicaid expansion IS a vote for ObamaCare.

There’s a very real chance we can reverse course on ObamaCare expansion this year – we only need 9 Senators and 26 Representatives voting no and WE WIN!

But even though many of Arkansas’ new legislators and even our new governor claimed to oppose ObamaCare during election season, they’re now being pressured by the Establishment to renew the expansion.

The Arkansas General Assembly convenes on January 12th, and it’s imperative we let them know loud and clear that Arkansas citizens don’t want the expansion renewed.

Please click here now to sign our “End ObamaCare in Arkansas” petition.

It should come as no surprise that ObamaCare lackeys hid the true costs of ObamaCare expansion from taxpayers. . .

. . . Not after seeing the video evidence of Chief ObamaCare Lackey Jonathan Grueber admitting repeatedly that they think we’re stupid.

It’s time to stand up and demand the General Assembly end ObamaCare in Arkansas.

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