A Do Something Congress

Guess what? Barack Obama has found an opponent whose approval ratings are even lower than his own. So to kick off his re-election campaign, he’s decided to run against Congress.

The campaign against the obstructionist, do-nothing Congress started in earnest last week, when Obama decided to ignore the U.S. Constitution, recent Presidential tradition and even his own vote when he was a U.S. Senator by making four “recess” appointments.

There was just one teeny tiny problem with the stratagem; Congress wasn’t in recess.

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President Barack Obama is the consumate politician and his Adminstration is an efficient political machine, Chicago style. Most of his executive decisions are politically motivated particularly in this election year. The President makes the House and Senated out to be a "do nothing" Congress by making his uncontitutional appointments when Congress is not in recess, as I see it. Those appointments to the Labor Board are very significant since The Obama Administration desires to stop Boeing from starting a plant in South Carolina, a non-union state. President Obama needs the union vote to be re-elected, somethjing called "politics as usual" and definitely not the "change we can believe in" that President Obama promised in 2008. President Obama is a likeable but very bad President when it comes to holding to the Constitution. With a second term nothing will deter him from further destroying the Constitution except a Republican controlled House and Senate. Congress in the last decade  doesn't seem to have the balls to stand up against any Executive privilege abusing President starting with President George W. Bush. It's past time for a "do something" Congress that will uphold the Constitution and free market capitalism.

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