A Foreign Policy of Power

By Luke Marrazzo

America was a country of strong national defense when we pursued the Jeffersonian policy of “peaceful relations with all, entangling alliances with none.”  Today’s policy of hyper-intervention, by contrast, fosters resentments and creates enemies. This foreign policy is no longer a policy of protecting Americans, but of power. After Snowden’s revelations about the government’s attacks on our liberties and the admission by the Obama Administration that it had assassinated American citizens it has become all too clear that the government no longer has our best interests at heart.

Now we find out, thanks to an audit of the military contracts we are giving out, we find out the military has been giving contracts to Al Qaida sympathizers. There are at least 43 cases of the military aiding the enemies of the United States that we know of. How can giving our enemies money possibly further our national interest of protecting American citizens? How people can continue to defend an administration which continues to show an inexplicable lack of knowledge of its own doings is baffling. There are many of our elected officials who actually want Syrian rebels with Al Qaida connections to be armed by us. This is less a less astounding statement when we find out that they already support giving contracts to Al Qaida in Afghanistan.

What does America hope to accomplish with all of these foreign entanglements? The only result I have seen is that we have no right to privacy and we still have attacks on our soil. In the end, we are not safe, we have more enemies, and we have fewer freedoms. The government wins and we lose. We must take a stand against this Policy of Power our government is using against us. Sign the Pledge of Support for the 4th Amendment immediately.

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