A Pattern of Totalitarianism Emerges

By: Luke Marrazzo

Over the past few months the American people have witnessed numerous examples of an administration which has no concept of individual liberty. President Obama has been working, often in the open, to strip a complacent public of their (supposedly guaranteed) constitutional rights. While this pattern of myopic power-lust did not begin with the current regime, the alarming acceleration of these occurrences is new. With these new attacks come new ways to rein in Big Government and halt this thinking that our rights are mutable.

Those who have demonstrated an active disregard for our rights have made no secret of their dangerous views. Senators such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s critical error in policy stem from their misguided approaches to protecting the American people. In the eyes of the establishment on both sides of the isle, privacy is the enemy. “Innocent until proven guilty” turns into “what do you have to hide”?”

This is not just referring to the recent discovery of the long suspected fact that the NSA is collecting information on us through our calls, emails, and texts. I am talking about the pattern of totalitarianism that is emerging right before our eyes. Drone strikes on American citizens, drones surveying our every move, Department of Justice warrantlessly intruding on the freedom of the press, and government bureaucrats targeting us for our beliefs- and those are just examples from what little we are aware of. Yet even when all these offences occur in the same year, the American public is slow to act.

Many prefer to place their trust in an administration that has repeatedly been proven untrustworthy. These are not the acts of an administration protecting a country’s national security. These are the Orwellian acts of a regime seemingly bent on obtaining as much control and power as possible while citizens remain in an either ignorant or listless stupor.

Two paths lay before us. We can either sit at our computers and shake our heads at how bad things look in our country or we can take a stand against oppression and fight for our inalienable rights.  Campaign for Liberty is fighting to end warrantless wiretapping, along with other threats to our liberties such as indefinite detention. But as always, in order for change to occur action is required from grassroots Americans like you. Give up a couple minutes of head-shaking to take a simple step in defeating totalitarianism in our country: Sign your Fourth Amendment Pledge of Support here

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