Abolish the TSA!

I've had it with the TSA.

I'm disgusted by having to write about their offensive, innappropriate screening procedures and agent misconduct on a regular basis.

I'm fed up with them getting a 'pass' around the Constitution in the name of "national security."

In this latest example, a young woman who travels frequently for work was fondled so roughly she had to readjust her clothes after they were finished.

 I happened to be wearing a sleeveless cotton dress, a lightweight cardigan, and tights. I stepped aside for the invasion and they ask me to spread my legs.

She started by asking me to take my cardigan off. I said I’d rather not. She seemed put out, but didn’t make me remove it and began the pat down from behind. She made me lift up my cardigan to check my back, went into my sleeves, and touched every inch of my hair.

Then she got to my waist band. I had on black tights under my dress, which I’m certain is not uncommon. She asked me to lift my dress so she could check the waistband of my tights.

I felt my stomach drop. I said “I’m not lifting my dress for you. No way.” She was obviously irritated with me now and said that she would take me to the private screening area if I would like.

I said “No, absolutely not. If you can’t do this in front of everyone, you should not be doing this to me.”

Her story caught my attention on Twitter yesterday, so her attempts to raise as much awareness as possible about what just happened didn't go unnoticed.

Her instinct to raise awareness about this absurd incident is the proper one.

Just because these agents are wearing blue shirts and blue rubber gloves should not grant them impunity when it comes to physical contact with law-abiding Americans.

The TSA treats every traveler as a terrorist first, a human being second.

The only way Americans will ever regain our dignity to travel without being scanned, groped, and prodded like cattle is to share as many instances like this as possible.

I look forward to the day I no longer have to write about their abuses.

Abolishing the TSA must become our rallying cry!

Our dignity as individuals, and our values as Americans demand it.

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