ACTION ALERT: Call your legislators NOW!‏


Dear Virginia Campaign for Liberty Activist,

The Virginia Legislature is considering legislation to allow radical left-wing progressives, like billionaires George Soros and anti-gun Michael Bloomberg, to tamper with the U.S. Constitution.

That's why it's critical you call your representatives and demand they vote NO on any bill to call an Article V Constitutional Convention.

Already, thousands of pro-Liberty grassroots activists have urged their representatives to stop the assault on our Constitution.

And your pressure is working.

We’ve heard directly from one of our sources in Richmond, and you are having a BIG effect.

But it's vital you keep up the pressure.

You see, despite what you may have heard, this fight is far from over.

Currently, there's several bills still lurking ready for a vote.

Leadership is just waiting for the grassroots pressure to die down so they can ram it through on a moment's notice.

Our big-government enemies are feigning to gut our most cherished freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution.

But don't take my word for it.

Just read what Virginia Delegate Mark Sickles of Fairfax stated in this morning's Washington Post:

"There's a lot of problems with this Constitution. I’ll just get up to this convention and start whacking away."

Make no mistake: radical big-government politicians are hell-bent on depriving us of our gun rights, limiting our political speech and forcing pro-Liberty Americans like you and me to submit and embrace their radical tax-and-spend agenda.

These people will do everything in their power to rewrite our Founding document and work to "whack away" the Bill of Rights.

You and I cannot let that happen.

That's why it's critical you keep up the pressure and demand your representatives vote NO on an Article V Constitutional Convention.

To contact your Delegate and Senator, please click here.

You and I are close to defeating this for the current session. But if we are going to win, we must keep fighting.

Please keep up the pressure and call your representatives IMMEDIATELY!

In Liberty,

Dustin Curtis
Virginia State Coordinator

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