Action Alert: Stop the Con

If you live in South Dakota, Montana, or New Hampshire, your help is needed to stop the ConCon.

Your state is pushing for an Article V Convention, and it must be stopped now!

If enough states pass similar measures and a convention is called, the entire U.S. Constitution would be at risk of revisions or worse!

You and I both know the federal government has been ignoring the limits placed on it by the Constitution for decades.

This last year has made crystal clear just how little your rights and our Constitution mean to governors and state legislators of BOTH parties across the country!

Many governors trashed the Constitution by sentencing citizens to house arrest and shutting down all businesses deemed “non-essential,” and state legislators have barely mustered a whimper in their defense!

These very politicians from states across America are jockeying to be delegates to an Article V Convention, tasked with “fixing” the Constitution they themselves have turned their backs on and refused to defend.

It’s CRITICAL you take action to stop them!

Some legislators think rewriting the Constitution at an Article V Con Con will finally bring the federal government to heel.

But when politicians routinely ignore the rule of law with impunity, rewriting the Constitution isn’t going to change that!

Some groups pushing these measures insist a convention can be limited to certain types or categories of changes.

But most scholars agree that the scope of a convention cannot be limited.

What’s more, Article V of the Constitution only allows states to apply to Congress for a convention -- it doesn’t empower the states to have ANY control over the convention itself.

Once 34 states have submitted similar applications, Congress issues the “call.”

Article V doesn’t give the states any control over the convention details -- contrary to the hubris of some pro-convention groups.

And we only have one historical convention that gives us precedent . . . the Convention of 1787 that gave us the present Constitution.

That convention was called with instructions to simply fix issues with the Articles of Confederation.

But once convened, those instructions were thrown out the window.

The convention went into a secretive “committee of the whole” and wrote a new Constitution.

Not only that, but they also changed the rules for ratification!

We were extremely blessed that most of the men at that convention favored limited government. . .

. . . today, we won’t be so blessed.

Take action NOW to stop the ConCon!



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