Article V ConCon Bills Assigned to Senate Committee

I would like to get straight to the point, and I hope you will do the same with your state senator.

Your quick action already killed several dangerous Article V bills.

But two of them -- H.J. 2 and H.B. 50 -- passed the Wyoming House and have been assigned to the Senate Revenue Committee.

I need your help again to stop them.

These bills apply for a disastrous Article V Convention (a.k.a. ConCon), where all of your rights would be open to revision -- or worse.

ConCon groups are working hard behind the scenes to get their way, and the bills could move through the Senate with lightning speed!

That's why it's so important you contact your state senator right away, and demand they vote NO on all bills applying for an Article V Convention.

Click here to find your state senator's contact information.

The special interest groups supporting these measures are twisting the facts.

They insist an "Article V Convention" is not a "Constitutional Convention". . .

But according to Black's Law Dictionary, that's not true.

Constitutional Convention: A duly constituted assembly of delegates or representatives of the people of a state or nation for the purpose of framing, revising, or amending its constitution.

ConCon groups don't want you to know an Article V Convention is the same thing as a Constitutional Convention because the entire Constitution could be thrown out -- along with your most cherished rights.

These groups want you to believe nothing can go wrong and that Article V limits what can happen at a convention, but that's not true either.

Article V itself does not back up any assertions that a convention can be limited -- and noted constitutional scholars agree.

The Constitution itself doesn't place limits or restrictions on subject matter, spell out the convention process, or determine how delegates should be chosen.

One group supportive of a ConCon -- Convention of States Project -- even points out on their own website that if a convention is called. . .

". . . the convention of states itself would determine which ideas deserve serious consideration. . ."

And what they fail to point out is that over 500 hard-left organizations, such as Wolf PAC, Sierra Club, Code Pink, Alliance for Progressive Values, MoveOn, and "Occupy," have been pushing for a convention since 2009!

Many of them want to limit your political speech rights protected by the First Amendment.

Others want to do away with the Second Amendment entirely.

And many are now demanding an end to the electoral college.

And the truth is coercive, progressive activists -- like BILLIONAIRE George Soros -- will be able to use their power and influence to direct the entire process.

George Soros has been working behind the scenes for years to end the electoral college, and as a result of the 2016 general election, he's determined to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

A ConCon called for ANY reason would give him the chance to see his dreams become a reality.

So please contact your state senator right away, and demand they vote against all of these risky ConCon bills!

Click here to find your state senator's contact information.

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