This Week in Congress

The House is in Monday through Thursday. The major legislation that the House will consider this week is H.R. 9. This bill nullifies President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords by forbidding the use of federal funds to withdraw [...]

Ron Paul Classic: Whistle-blowers are Heroes

With Julian Assange’s arrest restarting the debate over the role of whistle-blowers, now is an excellent time to revisit Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul’s 2017 column for USA TODAY, “Whistle-blowers are heroic, patriotic.” You can [...]

Ron Paul Classic: Lying is not Patriotic

With the arrest of Julian Assange, this seems like a good time to revisit Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul’s official speech on wikileaks publication of the Private Manning leaks.   You can read the speech here and [...]

Did Ecuador Make a Deal?

Last Monday the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released the first part of a $4.2 billion three-peat loan to Ecuador. The loan is to help Ecuador’s economic modernization program. The US Government supposedly pressured its fellow members of [...]

Why the Statists Win

Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute has a must-read essay on “One Reason the Left Wins.” McMaken’s reason for leftist success is that they never lose sight of their long-term goal, whether nationalized health care, gun control, or a green [...]

Profit Motive: Trump’s Trade Policy and How it Might Fail with China

Today we have a special guest blog from Charles Sauer. Charles is President  of the Market Institute and a longtime liberty activist. This piece is an excerpt from his book Profit Motive, explaining why the US is likely to lose any trade wars [...]

Ron Paul: Fed is Deserting Society

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul recently discussed the negative effects of the Federal Reserve on our economy, and he mentioned Campaign for Liberty’s efforts to pass the Audit the Fed bill and pass state laws recognizing gold and silver [...]

Norm Singleton: Trump Has Been Neo-conned

Campaign for Liberty President Norm Singleton issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s veto of S.J.Res. 7, which directed him to end US involvement in the Yemen Civil War: “As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump promised [...]

When They Came for Julian Assange

You probably heard Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, was arrested by British authorities yesterday. Mr. Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012. Assange is expected to be extradited to the United States, where [...]

This Week in Congress Update

Congressional leadership has pulled their spending plan because of objections from both the progressives and moderates. The moderates object to the higher spending levels without offsets while the progressives object that it increases [...]