Apply Today for C4L's Spring Internship

Campaign for Liberty is looking for dedicated, liberty-minded college students or recent graduates to intern for the spring semester (January 5 to May 15). The responsibilities of this paid internship include answering phones, handling [...]

Ron Paul Calls for a Senate Vote on Audit the Fed

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to schedule a vote on Audit the Fed when the Senate returns to Washington for the lame duck session of Congress. Read the full letter below, then sign your [...]

House Set to Vote on Audit the Fed!

Late Friday night, Campaign for Liberty received confirmation that H.R. 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, or Audit the Fed as it's better known, sponsored this Congress by Rep. Paul Broun will receive a vote as soon as this [...]

Massie on Hemp

In a segment of a larger interview with cn|2's Pure Politics with Nick Storm, Rep. Thomas Massie talks about the early progress made on legalizing the domestic cultivation of industrial hemp through pilot projects authorized by a provision in the [...]

American Militarism: The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Ferguson is the price we pay for turning America's police into paramilitary units armed with the Pentagon's surplus military gear leftover from decades of American militarism overseas. The era of your friendly neighborhood lawman only out to [...]

Thomas Massie at LPAC 2014: "Guns, Butter, and More Guns"

Rep. Thomas Massie (KY-4) addressed the 2014 Liberty Political Action Conference on Thursday, September 18th, at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wxrNJZE8lw

Will the Lame Duck Congress Tax the Net?

Congress is set to play the roll of Scrooge yet again this year, as a showdown over Internet sales taxes is set for mid-December. As Norm Singleton wrote earlier in September, the Continuing Resolution (CR) passed by the House GOP actually [...]

The Inaugural Food Freedom Fest!

C4L's Matt Burrow and I are traveling down this weekend through the visually stunning Shenandoah Valley to the 2014 Food Freedom Fest in Staunton, Virginia. This year's inaugural event, hosted by the frequent-LPAC sponsor, Farm-to-Consumer [...]

After Wednesday's Warzone, A Night of Relative Peace for Ferguson

After the chaotic scene Wednesday night between Ferguson police and protesters (as well as members of the press), the Governor's decision to put Missouri Highway Patrol in charge of security changed the whole situation, for now, and hopefully [...]

Ron Paul on CNBC: Give Free Markets A Chance

Austrian economists define inflation as an increase in the money supply, which in turn leads to higher prices for goods and services. This is important to note for a number of reasons, but most importantly for the point made by Ludwig von [...]