Bernanke denounces Keynesian Economics, to author book supporting Audit the Fed

At an emotional press conference this morning, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, strongly rejected the Keynesian economic policies he endorsed and implemented during his tenure at the Federal Reserve. He stated that he deeply regrets his part in prolonging the economic crisis and pledged to be a vocal supporter of reform and sound money policies. Bernanke also tearfully read from an apology letter he wrote to the American people.

saupload_1_11_10_ben_bernanke_crying-270x270 A tearful Ben Bernanke reads an apology letter to the American people.

"I would like to apologize to the citizens of the United States whose wealth I stole through the Federal Reserve's careless easy money policies that unfortunately I endorsed and supported at the time," said Bernanke. "I wrongly believed that printing money and giving it to big banks and the government would help the average American. I was wrong. I have seen the errors of my ways and pledge to spend the rest of my life fighting for reform at the world's most powerful institution."

In a surprising turn of events, Bernanke also endorsed Congressman Ron Paul's Audit the Fed legislation, introduced this Congress by Congressman Broun as H.R. 24. Congressman Paul was largely seen as one of Bernanke's biggest foes, often going head to head with the Chairman at Congressional Hearings.

"While I have always respected the work of Congressman Ron Paul, I previously fought his efforts to reveal my bailouts of corporations and foreign banks. Now, I realize my selfish actions came at the expense of the American people. I have apologized to Congressman Paul for using my authority to block his landmark legislation, and offered to co-author a book with him on why we need to audit the Federal Reserve."

No word on whether Dr. Paul has accepted Bernanke's offer of a book deal.


ron_paul_bernanke.gi_.top_ Ron Paul questions Ben Bernanke during a Congressional Hearing.

***Unfortunately, not every day is April Fool's day. Please help Campaign for Liberty fight back against Federal Reserve secrecy. Sign your Audit the Fed Petition Today!

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