Best NBA jerseys development of the mobile

In the next 12 months,2011 MLB jerseys by moving equipment into the number of network will probably more than PC devices. As people spend on APP on more and more time, this kind of behavior more accelerated the people to the pace of the mobile Internet. In fact, the relevant data is proof of this kind of behavior tendency. And people in the mobile Internet is one of the main action "search" may need to get new understanding. --2012 will become a mobile search area is a year worth noting, the real "mobile revolution" has come.
IDC research found that from the United States, mobile Internet industry is experienced by "explore" phase to the "to accelerate the development of" period. Including search engine,Fake jerseys software, the numerous mobile application developers can feel surprise comes before a period of the sense of urgency. Many of the Internet, IT giant business expansion in succession, quick to join the competition. In the mobile search engine in the entrance of the development of the mobile Internet show strong drive role.
In the mobile search camp, before baidu (the Po), Google (the Po) these "senior", depend on the existing advantages in mobile search field gain the initiative, to search, tencent after pangu search as a representative of the new army,Knock off jerseys is with the vivid positioning and products, quickly occupied people's perspective. Formed into this race for the cause of the situation and the outlook for the market from the strong expectations. Nielsen's 2011 percentile global mobile Internet media research shows, the operating system and the user group, search engine in the upper position of mobile applications. Through the search to find new application user scale to all for 63%, 35% of China's mobile phone users in the use of mobile Internet, search and SNS become their most frequent application.
In the possession of the large user base premise, mobile search profit channel become more directly,Best NBA jerseys and send out a strong allure. From search marketing platform Efficient Frontier analyst Ben shaq's latest data show that mobile search advertising revenue now accounts for 6% of total search advertising, if growth accelerated by the end of next year it may be closer to 22%. Search advertising hits is that-mobile search advertising was higher than the rate on the desktop click: on phones is 66% higher.

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