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In the past 10 years that we recall the true meaning of Moore's law. Until about 2002,Best NBA jerseys Moore's law misconstrued as the clock frequency double every 18 months and was not that big mistake, in fact, Moore's law is refers to the circuit density double every 18 months. The past can appear a little distinguish between the too inflexible, but it's different now, Intel can no longer provides a faster CPU, it can provide more. The resulting new Moore's law pointed to the increase in the number and the speed increase,Fake jerseys it is not so good. Moore's law once means, if the software quickly enough, have to do is wait for, hardware unstoppable development will solve the problem of software. Now if the software fast enough, you have to rewrite them, and parallel to do more things, this than waiting for hardware upgrade spend more time. If a startup company to help us found the old Moore's law,Knock off jerseys this is a great. By writing software, let a large CPU in the development personnel look like a fast CPU. Realize this dream have a few kinds of methods. One of the most ambitious is make automation: write a compiler, can let code running in parallel, however this intelligence of the compiler to may not happen. But really a little possibility are not? Today in computer memory of the work of the software is no one can become such a compiler? If you have the idea, you should try to prove it, because can get very interesting results. If so smart compiler and not impossible, and just realize very difficult,New NBA jerseys that try to write such software is worthy, although the probability of success is not high, but the expected value will be high.

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