Best Political Monologue Ever

I have a dream that one day the tyranny of the Electoral College will be abolished, not just because We The People for once in our history could live in a true democracy where every vote is equal; but also so one day We The People could choose an independent individual not beholden to party politics but also a totally honest, highly principled woman since "principles only mean something if you stick by them when they're inconvenient." (quote from Senator Laine Hanson from the film THE CONTENDER written by Rod Lurie) Here is a speech (masterfully delivered by Jeff Bridges in the film THE CONTENDER) that none of our two war party leaders in the past could have ever made:

PRESIDENT EVANS: Napoleon once said, when asked to explain the lack of leadership and the lack of great statesmen in the world, "To get power you need to display absolute pettiness. To exercise power, you need to show true greatness. Such pettiness and such greatness are rarely found in one person." I look back upon the events of the past weeks and I have never come to grips more with that quotation. For ladies and gentlemen of this Congress, it pains my soul to tell you that you have brought shame under this great dome. Your leadership has raised the stakes of hate to a level where we cannot separate the demagogue from the truly inspired. And believe this: There are traitors among us. I'm not talking about those of you who sided against your party leadership. I'm talking about those of you who were patriots to your party but traitors to the necessary end result- that of righteousness, the truth, the concept of making the American dream blind to gender.You know, I am not free of blame. From the start I should have come down here and pointed a finger your way... (The President points at the entire gallery first but eventually directly at his adversary Sen. Runyon) ...pointed a finger your way and asked you, "Have you no decency, sir?!" (Now Sen. Runyon stands up. He walks down the aisle, heading out) You may walk out on me and you may walk out on this body, but you cannot walk out on the will of the American people. Americans are a good people, a just people, and they will forgive you Mr. Runyon, but they will not forget. Hate and ego have no place residing in what my good friend Laine Hanson calls the chapel of Democracy. So let me make one thing clear. Come at us with whatever weapons you have in your arsenal. But there is no weapon as powerful as that of an idea whose time has come. A woman will serve in the highest level of the executive. Simple as that. Yesterday, I told Laine Hanson that she could decide her own fate. She could continue in her fight for confirmation and I'd stand by her. But she has asked me to allow her to step aside so that my administration could end on a note of triumph and not controversy. Those of you who actively worked to bring her down, understand that Laine Hanson asked to have her name withdrawn from consideration not because she isn't great, but because she isn't petty, because those two conflicting leadership traits could not live as one within her body or her soul. Greatness comes in many forms. Sometimes it comes in the form of sacrifice and that's the loneliest form of all. (beat) It turns out that Laine Hanson is a woman- is an American- of principle and she has inspired me alike. Because my principle tells me to stare down those of you who would allow your pettiness to interfere with the clear dictates of our Constitution. (long beat) I cannot accept Mrs. Hanson's withdrawal. I now call for an immediate vote of confirmation for Laine Hanson. I want a live roll call. I want to see your faces. Those of you who would eliminate the prospect of greatness in American leadership based on half truths, lies and innuendos. I will not be deterred by partisanship. I will not be deterred by misogyny and hate. You have now come face to face with my will. This is my choice and so it shall be yours. Confirm my nominee, heal the wounds of the nation, and let the American people explode into this millennium with the exhilaration of having done the right thing. (And now the cheers. The President walks the aisle with his CHIEF OF STAFF, KERMIT F. NEWMAN)

PRESIDENT EVANS: (aside to Newman) How's that for a swan song.

Like most Americans I gave up the idea of running for office at any early age because I am a massive sinner. However, I am proud to admit that the unrealistic fantasy of being intimately connected to a philosophical genius/ anti-war humanitarian/ female candidate for President (a Naomi Klein type- currently my favorite political heroine- would be ideal) is still vividly percolating in my Abby Normal brain. Considering that women make up more than half the population there is something fundamentally abnormal about a society that dismisses the greatest minds and selects inferior characters because of petty motivations like gender, race, religion and beauty. The time has now come for an independent lady to represent the abused masses; but the time will also soon be ripe for a Lion-Blooded (Singh means Lion in Punjabi), Electoral College Assassin, Libertarian First Dude, whole heartedly supporting the winning figure of a Venusian Rock-Star Goddess.

                                                                                                      Herk Singh

                                                                                                      May 17, 2012     

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