Big Business and Big Government win with Internet Sales Tax

Tim Carney provides a useful look at how the unholy alliance of Big Business and Big Government lobbyists convinced many supposedly "free-market" senators to abandon their alleged principles and vote for the National Internet Tax Mandate:

When do 21 Republican senators vote for higher taxes? Answer: When the biggest businesses and local politicians hire top K Street lobbyists to push for the tax-hike legislation.

Many Republican Senate staffers told me that revenue-hungry local politicians -- mayors, governors and state legislators -- successfully wooed some GOP senators and are making progress on House Republicans. One lobbyist who represented local governments said his firm sicced state lawmakers on congressmen and senators -- often their former colleagues -- to back this bill.

But to lock up GOP votes, the support of big business always helps.

Republicans' aversions to taxes and regulations are often rooted in a desire to be "pro-business." Once Wal-Mart and Amazon join hands, pro-business Republicans were happy to support legislation leading to higher taxes.

Look down the list of Republicans who voted for the bill, and you'll see three main types: Republicans at the left end of the party such as John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham; former statewide officials, such as ex-governors Lamar Alexander, John Hoeven, and Mike Johanns; and the K Street crowd, such as former lobbyist Dan Coats or Roger Wicker, the understudy to Trent Lott, the former senator and now Republican superlobbyist.

The coalition of tax-hungry governors and special-favor-seeking big businesses are now trying to pressure House Republicans into betraying their constituents and supporting the National Internet Tax Mandate.

That is why it is crucial Campaign for Liberty turn up the heat on the House of Representatives. If you haven't yet, contact your representative today and ask him/her to sign Rep. Thomas Massie's letter opposing the National Internet Tax Mandate. (Current signers: Amash, Lofgren, McClintock, Fleming, DeSantis, Wenstrup, Bridenstine, Daines, Culberson, DeFazio, Stockman, Garrett, and Walter Jones.)

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