Bipartisan group of lawmakers urge McCarthy to hold vote on Audit the Fed

Today, a bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter to House Majority Whip and House Majority Leader-elect Kevin McCarthy, urging him to take action on H.R. 24 "Audit the Fed." Congressman Paul Broun (R-Ga), the lead sponsor of H.R. 24, penned the letter, which was signed by 22 fellow House Members.

HR 24 Audit the Fed - Letter to the Majority Leader

Paul Broun stated in a news release:

“Last Congress, my good friend former Rep. Ron Paul, made incredible strides towards enacting legislation to require a full audit of the Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve banks. His Audit the Fed bill passed in the House with overwhelming bipartisan support, taking an important step towards providing real transparency regarding the nation’s monetary policy to the American people,” said Congressman Paul Broun. “In the 113th Congress, I’ve been honored to carry Dr. Paul’s torch and continue to advocate for a full audit of the Federal Reserve, which remains as closely-guarded as ever.

“A strong bipartisan majority of the House have shown their support of a full Audit of the Fed, and according to recent polls, 74% of Americans favor a public audit of the Federal Reserve as well. It’s clear where Congress and the American people stand on the issue – and it is time that H.R. 24 be brought to the House floor for a vote, so that we can work to ensure the Fed is held to the same reporting standards as the rest of the federal government.As Rep. McCarthy begins his new tenure as the House Majority Leader, I urge him to give H.R. 24 the priority it deserves  - this bill is a bipartisan common-sense win for government transparency and accountability.”


Be sure to sign your petition telling your Representatives to support Audit the Fed legislation.

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