(Budget) Deal or No Deal?

If it is a two-year budget agreement that raises spending -- Campaign for Liberty says NO DEAL!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is seeking to cut a budget deal with President Trump that would bust the caps imposed by the 2011 budget deal. As Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul pointed out here, the Republicans have routinely violated the caps, so making a deal to continue violating them should not be a big surprise. A deal could be reached as early as today or the end of the week.

Campaign for Liberty has cosigned a coalition letter opposing a two-year deal raising the spending caps:

July 12, 2019
Washington, DC

As Congress and the White House work together to reach a deal on spending before the end of the Fiscal Year, conservatives urge them not to pass a spending bill that would increase spending above the budget caps, and put important pro-life policies at risk.

A two-year deal that raises the spending caps will result in higher spending levels at a time when the Congressional Budget Office projects the share of the public debt to be nearly 80 percent of our Gross Domestic Product, with the budget deficit at record-breaking levels.

A spending deal cut with Democrats will also put long-time pro-life provisions at risk, such as the Hyde amendment, which blocks taxpayer funding of abortion. It will also provide an opportunity for Democrats to undo many of the Trump administration’s gains on the de-regulatory front.

Conservatives urge Republicans in Congress to avoid cutting an expensive and detrimental spending deal with Democrats that will spend more money, and very likely undermine key policies.

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