Business Leaders: Join Free-Market Groups to Stop Mark Pearce

As highlighted here, President Trump— as part of a deal on nominations recently struck with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer (NY)— recently renominated anti-business, pro-union boss bureaucrat, Mark Pearce, to the National Labor Relations Board.

As I have previously explained, Pearce is a pro-compulsory union fanatic. Pearce’s pro-union positions are so extreme, some of his decisions have been rejected by other pro-forced dues members of the NLRB and even statist judges who typically side with the union bosses.

Throughout his tenure on the NLRB board, Pearce has repeatedly demonstrated his anti-business tilt, that he is not an appropriate fit for the office, and that his economic policy priorities are the complete antithesis of free market values.

As mentioned above, Pearce was renominated as part of a deal between President Trump and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to confirm other Trump judicial nominees. Of course, judicial nominees are important, but that does not justify President Trump caving in to Schumer and the Democrats and trading worker freedom and economic growth for a few judges down the road. The now famous words from 1992 say it best: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Thankfully, some noise is picking up and being made about Pearce’s renomination, and small business owners are joining liberty activists in fighting back. Hundreds of small business and franchise owners from all across the country flew into Washington last week to speak with their members of Congress and the media about, among other things, how Mark Pearce’s decisions while at the helm of the NLRB have negatively affected their businesses. They also spoke with members about the Save Local Businesses Act, which would correct the bad policy of the “joint employer” rule handed down by Pearce’s NLRB. That bill is waiting on Senate approval.

It is these small business, their workers, and their customers who will suffer if Pearce is allowed to continue to advance his pro-forced dues anti-freedom agenda.

Since President Trump has put a potential major roadblock in the path of his own economic and pro-jobs agenda, it is now up to the Senate to stand strong and oppose this nominee. Pearce needs the Senate to confirm him, something the upper chamber absolutely should not do. Fortunately, there is still time to mobilize against Pearce, so please call your Senators and tell them to oppose confirming Mark Peace as NLRB Chair.

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