C4L puts NPV on the brink of defeat in two states

Campaign for Liberty activists in Nevada and Maine were instrumental in rallying the grassroots to fight the National Popular Vote (NPV) compact that would essentially destroy the Electoral College as laid out by our Founding Fathers.

NPV passed the Nevada legislature, but after the grassroots made phone calls and sent emails, Governor Steve Sisolak vetoed the bill without a chance of a veto override this year.  You can be sure NPV will rear its ugly head again next session, so be ready!

In Maine, NPV came out of the joint committee with a divided report -- the majority called for "Ought Not to Pass" and the minority called for "Ought to Pass." The Senate opted for the "Ought to Pass" report, and passed the NPV. In House, after much heated debate, the NPV went down in flames and the "Ought Not to Pass" report was sent back to the Senate for concurrence. There is still a chance the bill could be revived in the last two weeks of the session, so it's time to turn up the heat even more.  Contact your senator today and tell them "NO to NPV!"


The reality is that our system of government faces a new threat like never before!

The threat this time is not from Nancy Pelosi, or socialists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders – though they stand to benefit from it greatly.

This threat is far closer to home, and it’s happening in state legislatures across the country – quite possibly even yours.

I’m talking about the push by many large, cosmopolitan states for this “National Popular Vote.”

This proposal – backed by deep-pocketed donors like BILLIONAIRE George Soros – seeks to perform an end-run around the Electoral College and instead pledge your state’s delegates to whomever wins the popular vote NATIONWIDE – regardless of how the people in your state voted.

It would destroy the last vestiges of the American republic and radically change the structure of our government into little more than a direct democracy.

You and I can’t allow that to happen.  Help Campaign for Liberty push back against this power grab and keep the Constitution intact!

See Dr. Paul's comments on the National Popular Vote here.

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