Campaign for Liberty Joins Coalition Opposing TTB Regulation

Washington, DC In response to a gag order issued by the U.S. Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), Campaign for Liberty has joined a coalition to challenge the order and file the first ever official health claim petition to the TTB for violating First Amendment constitutional rights and economic liberties.

Campaign for Liberty, along with Bellion Spirits, Chigurupati Technologies and public interest group The Coalition for Safer Drinking are accusing the TTB of excessive governmental regulations, cronyism and financial gain in the $1.2 trillion a year alcoholic beverages industry.

A press conference planned for Wednesday, April 13, 9:30 a.m., at the National Press Club in Washington DC, will outline the group’s position in opposing the TTB’s ruling.

“Despite the claims of modern “progressive” judges, law professors, politicians, and attorneys, the First Amendment makes no distinction between commercial, political, or other types of speech,” said Campaign for Liberty President Norm Singleton.

“It simply says the federal government cannot restrict speech.  Therefore, laws censoring speech aimed at convincing someone to purchase a certain product are just as unconstitutional as laws censoring speech aimed at convincing someone to vote for a certain candidate.”

Chigurupati Technologies and its team of PhD scientists have spent the last decade researching, experimenting and conducting clinical studies to counter the negative health effects of alcohol. Their work has led to the discovery of a proprietary compound, NTX, which proved in clinical testing to protect the liver from potential damage caused by moderate/social alcohol consumption and reduces the amount of DNA damage associated with alcohol ingestion. The TTB, however, has banned these health statements from being disseminated on the label and in the labeling of alcoholic beverages, specifically Bellion Spirits, which uses the NTX technology in the manufacturing of its vodka.

After a brief statement from each speaker (see below) there will be opportunity for questions and interviews following the press conference. Community and civic leaders and other interested VIPs are expected to attend. Attendees will receive press materials, a bottle of Bellion Vodka and a copy of “Fight to Evolve” which delivers the riveting story of NTX, its remarkable inventor, Harsha Chigurupati, and the science that supports the need for more functional alcohol.

•    Ian Bress, Chief Financial Officer, Bellion Spirits
•    Harsha Chigurupati, founder, Chigurupati Technologies
•    Jonathan W. Emord, attorney, Emord & Associates, P.C.
•    William Hennessy, spokesperson, The Coalition for Safer Drinking
•    Norm Singleton, President, Campaign for Liberty
For more information or to RSVP for the event, contact: Linda Parry at 914-226-3303 or email Linda@productlaunchers.co.

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