Campaign for Liberty Stands with Apple in Favor of Privacy

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia - Today, Campaign for Liberty President Norm Singleton issued the following statement regarding Apple's refusal to aid the FBI in accessing an iPhone used by one of the suspected San Bernardino shooters by creating what amounts to a universal key to the iPhone. While the FBI claims this will only be used to access the one specific iPhone, Apple asserts that creating such a backdoor around its security features would allow anyone with the software to access any iPhone and that the company should not be forced by the government to create such a tool.
“Kudos to Apple for defending our privacy and against the government's constant demand to have even greater access to our private communications. Those who have watched, horrified, as the government has increased its surveillance on our private communications realize there is absolutely no reason to believe this will be the only time the government requests this type of access to an individual's phone.

"If Apple loses its bid to protect its consumers from on overreaching government, it will grant governments and criminals alike, greater access to our personal information, with potentially disastrous results. Oftentimes we are told by those in Washington that losing a little bit of our liberty or privacy is just the price we pay to live in a free society. But do we want to live in a society where the government can access all our personal data, track our movements, and read our private messages? Does that sound like a free society?


"Campaign for Liberty will continue to stand with Apple against the FBI and in favor of greater privacy, more freedom, and stronger protections of the rights of all individuals."


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