Capitol Chaos

Politics is messy business.

One thing I’ve always made clear in my decades of political involvement is that we MUST implement change through non-violence and peaceful persuasion.

As I watched the events unfold Wednesday in D.C., I was first encouraged by the hundreds of thousands of peaceful citizens gathering in support of their cause.

They were galvanized around the issue of election fraud, believing the presidential election was stolen.

Regardless of your beliefs on the integrity of this election, the reality is our country is at a boiling point with millions of Americans believing they’ve been disenfranchised and worse.

Citizens of this country not only have the right to demand justice from their government, they have the responsibility to do so.

While I can understand the feelings of desperation, violence is not the answer.

We don’t have all the details about what went down yesterday. There are many open questions that need to be answered. Some reports suggest -- and video seems to support -- that people didn’t break through barriers, they were let in by Capitol Police.

But at the end of the day, four Americans lost their lives, police officers were injured, and Congress reconvened and certified the electors with little debate while most Americans were sleeping.

If you are feeling powerless right now, it’s because Americans have given far too much power to a few politicians in Washington, D.C.

Our founders never intended for the federal government to exert so much control over your life.

Frankly, it’s no big secret that many politicians lie and cheat. But it’s up to you and me to take away their ability to get away with it.

How do we do that?

First, we must begin to concentrate more of our efforts at the local and state levels, where real change CAN and MUST occur.

Election laws are not written in Washington, D.C. They are written in state legislatures across the country. If corrupt people are involved in the process, corruption will occur.

Your active involvement can put an end to that.

A passive approach to local politics will ensure the entire country continues in a downward spiral.

But your active involvement in the fight for individual liberty will begin transforming your own political reality, starting in your own back yard.

State legislatures all over the country are going back into session for 2021 starting this week, which means we’ll be seeing a flood of bills coming our way, some good, but many will be destructive to liberty and must be opposed.

You can bet election integrity will be at the top of the list of priorities in many states as they try to “fix the problem” after the horse has been let out of the barn.  And you can be sure we will watch, monitor, and take action on legislation dealing with the draconian coronavirus “emergency” orders too many of us have been under for over 9 months.

In many ways, the two have been related because the highly suspect election procedures for unsolicited mail-in ballots and changing of the rules outside of the legislative process were done with coronavirus as the excuse.

It’s all for “your safety,” of course. That seems to be the excuse for everything these days.

The safety excuse is also being used for allowing Covid Camps for anyone who might pose a health threat to neighbors.

At Campaign for Liberty, it’s all-hands-on-deck for what’s undoubtedly the most important year in state legislative politics that we’ve ever seen.

Remember, politicians are afraid of their constituents when they rise up and speak up and tell elected officials they want liberty and freedom.

And my sincere hope is that you’ll join me in this critical fight for liberty. There is much work to be done.

And while we have our work cut out for us, with your help, liberty will prevail.

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