What We Could Learn from 1873

When the U.S. suffered a severe economic depression in 1873, did politicians try the same remedies that are being tried today? No!In 1873, the railroad industry was booming just as the housing industry boomed 10 years ago. And like housing, much [...]

Revisiting Iraq

How you analyze an issue depends on the starting point.  An op-ed  in the Washington Post by leading neoconservatives Fred and Kimberly Kagan on the impending US departure from Iraq lays out five current “American core [...]

My first post

   Hello, everybody! 

Congress must approve bureaucratic regulations!

 Federal regulation cost American businesses a shocking $1.75 trillion in 2008, more than individual and corporate income tax burdens combined. Those costs of doing business are passed on to consumers in higher prices for goods and [...]

Pushing Us To Tyranny

The "war on terror" has done little in ending worldwide terrorism, but it has done much to deprive Americans of their constitutional rights. History has shown that war erodes liberty, and this erosion has accelerated to a terrifying [...]

Possible ObamaCare vote this week

December 12, 2011Dear Tony,With just a few days left in the 2011 session, the House might vote to move ObamaCare closer to reality.The Michigan House of Representatives has already voted to pass HB 5014, which contains nearly $119 million in [...]

NDAA Conferees

HR 1540 National Defense Authorization Act FY12:House Conferees for all sections (alphabetical)·         Akin ·         Andrews [...]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Nominee

Today, the Senate is voting on whether to move forward with the nomination of Richard Cordray as head of the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.In case you don't remember, the CFPB is a massive bureaucracy created by the [...]

The maturing fascist trends within our federal government.

Ahead of the December 15 Judiciary Committee markup, the corporate sponsors of the SOPA web censorship bill are making some last minute tweaks to the legislative language:The Motion Picture Association of America is willing to [...]

Equality of Oportunities Vs. Equality of Outcomes

Rep. Paul Ryan has penned a very nice editorial regarding the existential differing of opinions on the concept of equality.Please read - here.