Entitlement Bubble

Mark Steyn presents a disturbing account of a global denial of reality - here. The Western culture is collapsing in on itself, and if there is any hope of saving Liberty, it lies with what remains of America. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Liberty NewsWire

The latest idea in that fight is a curious proposal from Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City. He's planning to ban the sale of sugary drinks 16 ounces or larger in public venues such as restaurants and movie theaters. --Cnn.comIndividual [...]

Developing awareness in our communities

I live in Deerfield Township and am trying to raise awareness in my community in order to unite us in the fight for liberty.  My plan is to create a bi-weekly newsletter which addresses one specific liberty issue every two weeks.  I [...]

Individual Health Insurance

Why Choose An Independent Insurance Agent?Personal Insurance SolutionsIOA has always put businesses first, however the heart of a business is its people. We put the same energy and experience into providing for your Individual Health [...]

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 fake bikini had been accused of being a "drama queen" by former tennis star Virginia Wade after receiving lengthy on-court treatment during an earlier match against Jarkko Nieminen, but revealed he had refused pain-killing [...]

Northern Ireland manager about Noel Wood

Hernandez says don't mind doing super sub, data display, Solskjaer 150 substitution into the 28 ball,Schweinsteiger 30 reserve into 10. He said:" I want to help my team, I don't mind doing bench is it right?. Last year I started [...]

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