Celebrate Human Achievement

Tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. EST radical environmentalists (a.k.a.. watermelons green on the outside, red on the inside) will turn off their lights and unplug all electronic devices to mark "earth hour." The point of this is to show commitment to fighting climate change by literally returning to the dark ages.

Of course, the best way to preserve a clean environment is by protecting private property rights and a free-market economy that encourages innovations. That is why our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute are urging individuals to celebrate Human Achievement Hour tomorrow. Instead of turning off , CEI suggests we tune in to some of the great achievements of human achievements of modern society.

Campaign for Liberty supports Human Achievement Hour. Here are some ways you can celebrate human achievement:

1. Download a classic work of liberty, or a book providing a fresh liberty-oriented take on current events on your Kindle or Nook. Or download a pro-liberty book, article, or lecture from the Mises Institute.

2. Pop some popcorn, grab a beverage, and watch a pro-liberty (or at least a movie with some themes of interest to liberty activists) movie. Check out here for some suggestions.

3. If you live in New Jersey, Nevada, or Delaware, do a little online gaming.

And on Monday, no matter where you live, take advantage of the Internet to let the members of the House Judiciary Committee know that you oppose burdening the Internet with new laws and regulation in a fruitless effort to stop individuals from gaming online.

And, of course, if your Representative or Senator has not yet cosponsored Audit the Fed, e-mail them and tell them to do so ASAP! (List of House sponsors here and Senate sponsors here.)

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