Chicago to Earn Distinction of Speed Camera Capital of America?

Automated speed cameras are one step closer to becoming reality, and your action is needed to stop this boondoggle in the House.

The Speed Camera bill blew through the Senate on a 32 - 24 vote in the first week of Illinois' Fall Veto Session.

With the willing assistance of Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton, Mayor Emanuel's dream of becoming the Speed Camera Capital of America is about to be realized.

According to The Expired Meter, "If Chicago is allowed to utilize the speed enforcement functionality of their red light cameras, it will immediately have the largest automated speed camera enforcement program in the entire nation."

The battle heats up in the State House this week with HB 3851.

In the first week of the session, HB 3851 sped through it's first 2 readings in the House, and it is now awaiting a final vote.

As evidence that Illinois camera enforcement is all about revenues rather than safety, our friends at War on Driving point out, "Chicago is notorious for its dangerously short yellow light times at camera intersections, as low as 2.5 seconds, which some would call criminal negligence."

The cameras are supplied and maintained by Redflex -- a private company that stands to increase their profits by untold millions if this bill passes.

And there is no independent oversight to ensure the accuracy of these cameras and sensors.

Tell your State Representative NO on Automated Speed Enforcement Systems!

With just 3 days remaining in this session, it is essential that you call your representative right away. This bill could be called for a vote at any time.

Click here to find the phone number for your state representative.

In addition, please take a moment to call Speaker Madigan at 217-782-5350. Demand that he abandon his efforts to bilk Illinois citizens of more of their hard-earned money.

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