Civil Asset Theft in your state

"We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but property is being taken from the American people with no charge of crime."
- Rep. Ron Paul, House floor, June 24, 1999

I wanted to share this classic video of Dr. Paul's 1999 House floor speech arguing on behalf of his amendment to a civil asset theft "reform" bill that would have ended this theft once and for all.

Ron Paul's criticism of civil asset theft is just as relevant today as it was in 1999.

45 of the 50 states allow police officers to steal your private property with something LESS than "beyond a reasonable doubt."

That means at a routine traffic stop, a police officer can ask how much cash you have with you and conduct a quick, once-over, on-the-spot investigation.

Then, they just seize your cash.

And you can't do anything about it.

Thousands of innocent people have been robbed of their cash, real estate, firearms, vehicles, and other property as a result of civil asset theft laws.

Civil asset theft is a direct violation of your 4th and 5th Amendment rights to due process of law and against unreasonable search and seizure.

In 1999, Congress dismissed Ron Paul's calls for getting rid of civil asset theft as "going too far."

But today, many more Americans have awakened to the dangers of civil asset theft and understand that Ron Paul was right to call for an end to this practice.

Now we need to show the politicians that Ron Paul was right!

That's why Campaign for Liberty is fighting so hard against civil asset theft.

We are working to pass Senator Rand Paul's FAIR Act, S. 255, to end this injustice across the nation.

But Campaign for Liberty's grassroots activists like you are readying themselves to take on the fight at the state level as well!

Activists in several states across the country have chosen to make ending civil asset theft a priority project in their state.

These leaders are spending their days planning and preparing to fight in the upcoming state legislative season - drafting bills, spreading the message, and gaining allies.

And the other side is already busy defending the civil asset theft laws they hold so dear.

They say these laws are a necessary part of the drug war.

They tell us there are no innocent victims to these laws.

But as you and I know, "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

Campaign for Liberty provides resources and directly funds many of the state groups, and provides vital guidance and support to ALL of our state and local branches.

And NOTHING Campaign for Liberty does to fight back against government overreach and abuse at all levels of government can happen without your financial support.

Ending civil asset theft is a fight we believe we can win (with your help), in several states.

And the more success we have in rolling back civil asset theft at the state level, the more representatives and senators will get behind our efforts to pass the FAIR Act at the federal level.

Please read Ron Paul's email below for more info on civil asset theft, and please sign your petition in support of the FAIR Act to your representative and senators.

If you've already signed the petition, please forward this to your friends and family right now - anyone you can think of - and ask them to sign as well.

And after doing so, please consider chipping in whatever you can to help the cause. We need your support today.

In Liberty,

Norm Singleton
Senior Vice President

P.S. I hope you'll watch the attached video of Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul explaining in 1999 why civil asset theft is such a grave danger to your liberty.

If you have already signed your FAIR Act petition, please forward this to your friends and family.

And after you've signed, please consider chipping in today to help us support your fellow state activists in the fight to end civil asset theft.

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