Constitutional Candidates Wanted

I can't believe it's July already!

The year is flying by, 2012 will be coming soon, and it’s important that we have candidates that support the Constitution and Liberty.

You see, last November's elections were just an opening salvo in the long war that will determine who will control Wisconsin’s future: The people of Wisconsin or a ruling class of elite incumbent politicians who have driven this state down the road to statism for too long.

Wisconsin needs new leadership--right now.  At all levels of government.  We need leaders who have the ability to effectively communicate the ideas of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, and run sound campaigns at that.

Now that the legislative season is over, the goal of the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty is to identify and train new leaders who will run for all levels of office in 2012.

The Candidate & Activist Training program is designed specifically to educate candidates on every level how to run effective and victorious campaigns.

All levels of office are extremely important from city, county, and school boards to state assembly and senate, we need liberty-minded Constitutionalists running for all offices.

No matter if it is an open seat or a bad Republican or Democrat incumbent, it’s time for true Constitutionalists to stand up and get into and win primaries and general elections.

Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty will host as many candidate & activist trainings as necessary but we must know that there is enough interest in your area to warrant a training.  Click here to express your interest in attending a candidate training in your area.

Once you RSVP, make sure you get everyone else that you would want to run for office or be an activist RSVPed as well.  The area with the most interest will have a training first, and on down the line as interest warrants.

Click here right now to express your interest in a candidate training in your area and then forward this on to all of your friends that may be interested as well.

Let’s overload the elections with liberty-minded Constitutionalists in 2012!

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
Interim State Coordinator
Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

P.S. If you have ever thought of running for office, 2012 is the perfect storm.  The opportunity for activists like you and I to get elected is at an all-time high.  Click here now to bring candidate & activist training to your area.

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