Constitutional Carry Hearing!

I’ve got very exciting news to report: Constitutional Carry is advancing in Texas.

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of gun rights activists like you, and with the strong support of pro-gun allies from across the state. . .

On Tuesday, March 28, Constitutional Carry (H.B. 375) will face it's first hearing in the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee at 8:00 a.m.

Imagine, no more being fingerprinted like a common criminal, having to pass a test, and pay a tax just to carry your firearm for self-defense as a law-abiding citizen.

After all, there is no tax, permit, or test for your First Amendment rights.

But Constitutional Carry won’t pass without your support.

Even though the bill’s author, Representative Jonathan Stickland, has support from other members in the Texas House -- and from grassroots gun owners all across the state -- this won't be an easy fight.

Anti-gun special interest groups -- and even weak-kneed Republicans who are afraid of freedom -- will do anything they can to prevent this from coming to a vote.

The hearing is on Tuesday, March 28, at 8:00 a.m. I hope you and your Liberty minded friends will be able to make it to join Texas Campaign For Liberty leadership and other gun rights activists to register your support for Constitutional Carry HB375.

If you can't make it, please take a moment to contact each committee member, and let them know you expect them to pass Constitutional Carry out of committee.

H.B. 375 is in the Texas House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee. Contact information for each member is below.

Phil King
[email protected]

Pancho Nevarez
[email protected].us

Dewayne Burns
[email protected].us

Gina Hinojosa
[email protected].us 

Justin Holland
[email protected].us

Jarvis Johnson
[email protected].us

Will Metcalf
[email protected]

Matt Schaefer
[email protected].us

John Wray
[email protected]

The committee will be taking public testimony, and it’s vital they hear from gun owners all across the Lone Star State. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to restore Constitutional Carry in Texas.

Texas Campaign for Liberty has been working for years to help bring Constitutional Carry to Texas.

This year, you and I are getting closer than ever before to making this a reality. We believe your right to defend yourself shouldn't come with unreasonable government strings attached.

Constitutional Carry is the simple idea that anyone who is legally eligible to posses a firearm should be able to carry it concealed without begging permission from a government bureaucrat.

Again, the hearing is on Tuesday, March 28, at 8:00 a.m. Please make plans to show up and testify in support of Constitutional Carry HB375. If you can't make it please contact the committee members and politely let them know you want them to pass HB375 constitutional carry.

In Liberty,

Byron Schirmbeck
State Coordinator
Texas Campaign for Liberty

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