It's a CRISIS!

I just learned that today the Senate will vote on legislation overturning the Trump administration’s regulation forbidding the IRS from demanding the names of Campaign for Liberty’s supporters.

The vote will be in just a few hours, so please call your senators NOW at 202-224-3121 and tell them to vote NO on S.J.Res. 64.

This resolution is nothing less than an attempt to empower the IRS to intimidate Campaign for Liberty's supporters and force us to waste time and money fighting the agency.

For over four years, Campaign for Liberty waged a costly and time-consuming battle with the IRS over their demand that we surrender the names of our most loyal supporters. We thought we had won that battle when the Trump administration told the IRS to stop.

But now some statist senators are trying to override the Trump administration in an attempt to cripple the liberty movement.

It is no coincidence that this effort is being made at a time when Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are about to take over the House of Representatives.

Statists want the IRS to stop Campaign for Liberty from fighting Pelosi’s statist schemes to increase taxes, take away our guns, increase government surveillance, and implement a “Green New Deal” complete with a cap-and-tax system.

If this is successful, we may once again a have to divert limited resources toward fighting the IRS. Even if we win, we will still lose time and money that could have been spent defending the Constitution and working to pass pro-liberty legislation, including “Audit the Fed.”

So please call your senators at 202-224-3121 and tell them to vote no on S.J.Res. 64.

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