Dear Republican Party: Enough With The Talking Points. State Your Principles


The upcoming election is similar to watching the same bad movie every couple of years; you know what’s going to happen a mile away. This election cycle is no different. False promises and lack of respect for the Constitution are never strangers in Washington. With a new bunch of talking heads taking center stage, one might ask, do they understand the issues? Or more clearly, what are their principles?  

Some might think live debates would answer these questions. Unfortunately, debates can be a laughable experience. Watching grown adults squirm around the issues without giving any substance to their argument is always a fun event. Yet, the audience doesn’t always see past the act. It is almost as if I am watching a sitcom; the audience is told how to feel and react.

Shallow understanding of how politics work in Washington leads people to take candidates at face value. Like my old library teacher always told me, don’t judge books based on their cover. The same concept applies to politicians; always look beyond the theatrical performance. Yes Romney has oddly nice hair and his teeth are sparking white, must be the fluoride in the water, but beyond that, what is his philosophy? These are the important questions being swept under the rug by the media. Well, that Herman guy says a bunch of things that sound smart. Plus, he counts using his fingers! Anyone who understands the dangers of central planning wouldn’t think twice about passing over this former Kansas City Fed chairman.

The American populace is being duped again by the establishment.  Instead of looking for the most principled candidate, people tend to want the comfort of knowing nothing is wrong with our government, they have your best interests at heart; they can do no wrong! Unfortunately, the American people cannot afford to get it wrong this election. With the executive branch deliberately sawing away at the liberty tree and hyperinflation around the corner, next election might be called an election in name only.  It's time to dig deep and choose the right candidate, before it's too late. 

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