Did Senator Casperson just say he doesn't support Liberty?

October 4, 2011

Dear Tony,

In 1935 congress passed and Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the Wagner Act.  The act that stripped away free association.  The act that entrenched forced unionism in the American workplace.

So why would Senator Tom Casperson say "I don’t agree with the government passing a law that forces the issue," when asked about Freedom to Work in an interview on public television?

That's right, in an interview on Media Meet, he completely forgot that it was government that already forced the issue.  Now it will take an act of the Michigan legislature to restore the freedom of association, but apparently he forgot that bit of history.

Freedom to Work restores the ability of a worker to choose who they give their money to and what associations they keep.  Workers have been stripped of their free speech and freedom to associate for far too long.

You see, there is no free speech without free association.  In NAACP V. Alabama, the Supreme Court said exactly that.  The Court recognized freedom of association as an adjunct to the NAACP's free speech rights and held that the freedom to associate for the advancement of beliefs and ideas is inseparable from the freedom of speech.

So why does Senator Casperson oppose free speech and free association?  His statement, "I have never been really supportive of Right to Work" clearly indicates that this is the case.

Maybe he just needs to feel the heat.  That's why I'm asking you to take the following actions:

Don't let him use the excuse that he doesn't believe government shouldn't get involved because government already has gotten involved.  Let him know that he needs to support you and get government out of the business of forcing workers to give their hard earned money to a third party.

Even free market economists like Frederick Hayek agree, stating:

“If Legislation, jurisdiction, and the tolerance of executive agencies had not created privileges for the unions, the need for special legislation concerning them would probably not have arisen in common-law countries.  But, once special privileges have become part of the law of the land they can be removed only by special legislation.”

Why doesn't Senator Casperson support your individual liberties, your right to free association, and your right to free speech?  The only way to answer that is to call him and find out.

Senator Casperson
(517) 373-7840

It's hard to comprehend why he would make such statements when there is such a dense population of free market liberty lovers in his district.  Maybe he just didn't think it through?

There is only one thing to do in these situations.  Make him feel the heat!  Hopefully then, he will see the light.

So please click here to sign our petition and then call Senator Casperson at (517) 373-7840.

Tony DeMott
Michigan State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  No one should be forced to pay for someone else's political agenda.  Workers should not be forced to contribute to a private organization in order to keep their job. We can stop this injustice by passing a statewide Freedom to Work bill.  Click here to sign our petition.

P.P.S.  Help us stop forced unionization - click here chip in a quick contribution of $5, $10, $25 or whatever you can afford right away.


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