Distractions, Distractions Everywhere

By Luke Marrazzo

In the modern world, one has infinitely more access to current events and news than ever before, yet it is not unreasonable to suggest that the public is just as ill-informed and just as easily distracted as they were 50 years before the Internet. The State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman is a prime example of how easily the American public is distracted. During the course of the 24/7 coverage of this case, including coverage of an empty courtroom as the jurors were deliberating, the American people missed out on some key, news worthy events. One of those being Private Bradley Manning’s trial. Now when Detroit is bankrupt because of the hold the unions have over the massive and intrusive government there, the media’s attention naturally turns to – the Royal baby.

While this was a closed-door trial, it is certainly news worthy, as it would have caused the resurfacing of questions regarding this “pro-transparency” administration’s policies toward dissenters and pointed toward the likely fate of Edward Snowden should he ever be captured. Another event we were distracted from is the dialogue concerning the protests in Egypt. A large number of the anti-Morsi protesters are decrying our government for supporting a dictatorship in their country. This exemplifies yet another case of America having put its nose where it doesn’t belong and risking of backlash or blowback. Due to the failure of the media to report news as opposed to creating it, Americans saw a few hours of an empty courtroom and now a few more of a motionless English palace all at the price of having all but completely forgotten about the previously mentioned, ongoing espionage case and another dictator we have propped up with taxpayer dollars, being overthrown. We can all thank the media for keeping the public entertained as opposed to educated, or, perish the thought, informed.

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