Do Your Candidates Support Liberty?

Can you depend on common sense from the government?

Consider the following headlines from recently reported events:

·      Police shut down lemonade stand run by two little girls

·      SWAT team raids Amish farm for selling milk straight from the cow

·      Federal Bureaucrats fine Missouri family $4 million for son’s sale of $4500 worth of rabbits

Is it any wonder that nearly 80% of Americans believe this country is going in the wrong direction?

Government bureaucrats seem to have gone off the deep end while they blatantly ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Innocent citizens merely wanting to fly across the country are groped and irradiated by thugs with a badge. Elderly cancer patients are forced to remove adult-diapers, and parents are required to submit their toddlers to invasive enhanced body searches.

The TSA, first under George Bush and continued by Barack Obama, treats the area between the ticket counter and the door to the airplane as a Constitution-free zone—your right to privacy and presumed innocence is of no concern to them.

It is imperative that we work to repeal the laws that bureaucrats are using to trample our rights.

That is why Illinois Campaign for Liberty is working on a Candidate Survey Program. Each candidate for the Illinois legislature has received a survey of seven important questions—questions that will put candidates on the record on liberty issues.

Candidates were asked where they stand on:

  •   Automated Ticketing Devices

·      Giving taxpayer dollars to private organizations

·      Jury Nullification

·      Eminent Domain

·      Private citizens recording public officials

·      Cell phone data extraction devices

·      TSA patdowns

Click here to learn where your candidate stands on these important issues.

As we work toward liberty, it is critical to have current and potential legislators on record concerning important issues. Therefore, it is vital that we receive responses from as many candidates as possible.

Some candidates don’t want to go on the record—they are using evasive maneuvers to avoid responding to our questions.

If the candidates in your area have not responded to our survey, please contact them and ask that they complete and submit the Illinois Campaign for Liberty Survey.

Click here to learn where your candidates stand on liberty issues.

Campaign for Liberty does not support or endorse candidates for office. The goal of the Campaign for Liberty Survey is only for keeping candidates true to their word should they be elected. It should not be construed as an endorsement of any candidate.

You are encouraged to view the websites and statements of each candidate to make an informed decision on candidate positions.

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