Donate to Today's Audit the Fed Moneybomb!

Today is our chance to make a statement.

It's an opportunity to show the world that after nearly 100 years of the Fed's policies eating away at our dollar's value and running America into one boom-bust cycle after another, we're fed up with the Federal Reserve.
Today, Campaign for Liberty is holding an “Audit the Fed Moneybomb” to guarantee we can reach out to millions more Americans about this historic legislation and pass the bill through Congress.
And I can't stress enough how much we're relying on you to make your most generous contribution today.
Congressman Ron Paul has put together a short video for C4L members as we head into the crucial House vote later this month. 
After you watch it, I hope you'll make a donation right away to our Audit the Fed Moneybomb.
Currently, 268 members of the U.S. House have cosponsored Congressman Paul's H.R. 459.
But you and I both know politicians can always be trusted to be politicians.
We can't afford to take anything for granted.
As I wrote yesterday, you can be certain arms will be twisted as Audit the Fed makes its way through the House and Senate.
There'll be plenty of deals to go around if our elected representatives will agree to make “just a little tweak” here and there to water down Audit the Fed – or kill it altogether.
So we have to make sure that the grassroots tidal wave of action we create is larger than any pressure the Fed can apply.
Which means a massive undertaking.
I want to run a full, robust program of internet ads, direct mail, email, phones, and more to send the politicians one clear message:
Audit the Fed and audit it now!
C4L's work these past several years has put the Fed on the defensive.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans have helped us drag the central bank into the spotlight.
All of it has led up to this.
And, to be honest, such an excellent opportunity to turn Audit the Fed into the law of the land may never come again.
So help us pull off an incredible victory in Congress by giving whatever you are able to the Audit the Fed Moneybomb today!

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