End It

It’s over, and it’s time for our state governors to act like it.

The people of this Republic have suffered enough under draconian lockdowns and health “mandates” by power mad bureaucrats since early March 2020.

Since the original “15 days to slow the spread” foisted upon all of us by the now universally discredited Dr. Anthony Fauci, there has been exactly zero evidence provided that any of their liberty crushing “measures” have benefited anyone but themselves and their rich cronies.

A few governors in what are now being called “free states” have started moving in the right direction, but it’s not nearly enough.

States such as New York, California, Michigan, Virginia, New Mexico, and others are still under varying degrees of mandates or lockdown, which should be classified as crimes against humanity.

With the evidence we now have about the horrible effects on people’s health and lives, mincing words is no longer acceptable.

Here is the proposal we at Campaign for Liberty have for every governor across the country, starting immediately:

>>No more “lockdowns” also known as communistic destruction of small businesses>>No more unscientific and cruel mask mandates for adults or children in schools

>>No mandated vaccinations, especially the experimental COVID-19 shots

>>Never repeat this policy again

>>Pass laws at the state level to prevent this abuse of power in the future

If you are with us, please sign the petition to your governor at once!

Nobody should be trusted with the powers that governors and their partners in crime, the health bureaucrats, have wielded.

But how did they even dream up some of the things that were done in the first place?

The answer is because they had laws on the books that were used and abused, such as the Arizona law “ARS 36.787” passed more than 15 years ago that allows for complete medical tyranny.

“During a state of emergency or state of war emergency declared by the governor in which there is an occurrence or imminent threat of an illness or health condition,” the governor may order any of the following:

Mandate medical examinations for exposed persons.Ration medicine and vaccines.

Isolate and quarantine persons.

Mandate treatment or vaccination of persons who are diagnosed with illness resulting from exposure or who are reasonably believed to have been exposed or who may reasonably be expected to be exposed.

Law enforcement officials of this state and the national guard shall enforce orders issued by the governor under this section.

Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey (R) used these powers liberally and even went beyond the letter of the law to order the closure of businesses for months, based on nothing other than his own interpretations of CDC recommendations.

But now it’s time for the people of Arizona and other states with similar laws on the books to demand the repeal of these laws -- no single official should be able to constrain individual liberty in this way!

In Virginia, the State Health Commissioner told reporters last year he “plans to mandate coronavirus vaccinations once one is made available to the public.” And under state law, only people with a medical exemption can refuse the mandate.

Fortunately, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) overruled the health commissioner who maintained he had the legal authority.

Governors and other bureaucrats should be prohibited from mandating health care interventions and closing down businesses which haven’t even been accused of wrongdoing or endangering the public. This should NEVER be allowed again.

If you’re with us and agree that states should end all lockdowns and mandates and never bring them back, sign the petition to your governor!

While Arizona has removed most of its restrictions, just like Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa and others, the state of California is still under major restrictions and mask mandates until at least June 15.

Their governor, Gavin Newsom (D), dictated some of the most preposterous and insulting restrictions on California citizens during the holiday season for people in their own homes:

>>All gatherings must include no more than three households, including hosts and guests;>>All festivities must be held OUTSIDE, and a maximum of 2 hours;

>>Guests may use a bathroom inside, but only if “frequently” sanitized;

>>Masks must be on faces, except briefly while eating;

>>Singing “strongly discouraged;”

>>6 feet of space is mandated in all directions and between all tables.

Newsom is facing a recall now, and rightfully so, but how could anyone even dream of having the power to demand this?

My fear is, as restrictions ease across the board during the summer, people will forget just how tyrannical their governors became and that there was nothing in place to stop them, other than civil disobedience.

Those who stood up and risked their businesses and even their freedom to do so deserve applause, but they also deserve to have the law behind them going forward.

The tyrants must face their reckoning so these historic abuses of power never happen again.

Sign the petition to your governor now!

If we’re going to move beyond this so-called “pandemic” back to a society that allows people to live their lives without constant medical surveillance and demands about how they spend time with their families, governors and state legislatures are going to have to reverse course immediately.

These governors need to admit they cannot control a virus, and they cannot control our lives.

Then it’s up to you and me to push for major reforms at the state level.

The CDC does not get to run our state governments. And the governor shouldn’t be allowed to make blanket mandates that kill our liberties.

Giving in to fear will always turn us into mere subjects of the ruling class. The same has been true during my time in politics and throughout history.

Thank you for joining us in this fight.

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