Every. Single. One.

RNC officials know they've been exposed.

Due to the pressure from patriots like you from all over the country, I'm hearing from the inside that some GOP officials are scurrying around trying to cut a "deal."

You see, they're anxious to save face.

They know that while telling all Ron Paul supporters to hit the road last summer, they stabbed our liberty movement, Tea Party types, Pro-Lifers, the Christian right, and grassroots activists of every stripe in the back.

But now their new proposals would keep many of the rules they rammed down our throats last summer in Tampa, Florida, in place!

This is an outrage!

One thing is certain. Your calls and emails are having a tremendous impact.

In fact, after receiving more than 200 emails and "countless" phone calls, Georgia's National Committeewoman Linda Herren posted her response online, noting she "could not possibly respond individually to all of these messages.".

But with the RNC Spring meeting starting today, it's absolutely CRITICAL you turn up the heat one last time.

So please let your Republican representatives at the RNC's Spring meeting know that every new rule passed during the rules fight in Tampa last August must be repealed.

Every. Single. Rule.

You can contact them using the information I've listed for you below.

National Committeeman Randy Evans: 770-859-9500 Revans@mckennalong.com

National Committeewoman Linda Herren: 404-983-4429 lherren@bellsouth.net

State Chairman Sue Everhart: 770-977-9912 everhart@mindspring.com

With the Republican National Committee's Spring meeting starting TODAY, you and I must act at once.

Please call your Republican National Committee representatives IMMEDIATELY.

Tell them to repeal every single rule rammed down the grassroots' throats during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida last summer.

Make sure they know you'll settle for nothing less.

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