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Every company has announced that its real social network platform held the first of all nets "everyone love-China consumer heart the most trusted brand" selection to the public. The brand festival gathering the wisdom and strength of millions of Internet users,Fake jerseys 2011 years of 10 big industry overall for inventory. Eventually, faw Volkswagen audi, her credit card, elegant shi landai to wait for more than 10 a enterprise and brand list, Coca Cola was awarded "everyone loved" award.
"Everyone love" brand first grand ceremony by Internet enterprise initiate, comprehensive network for the ballot, cover car, food, digital, financial, home appliances, aviation and etc. The results not only show the domestic mainstream consumers' opinions and values, and also reflects in the development of the social network,Knock off jerseys the common net in the society more influence in the balance.
Main release important signal agencies to capital flows has dramatic change! Free Level-2 high-speed charge software market strong function limit the development of social network free universal is becoming the new brand communication channels, more and more enterprises started trying to social marketing. Everyone nets with true friends relationship as the foundation, gradually formed in the public home page, as a representative of the socialization products and communication system. A for a brand experience of news, will pass the virus type of everyone nets diffusion and spread,Best NBA jerseys so that each one would be a brand, the statement said. The "everyone love" brand festival highlights of SNS interactive function everyone nets, fully respect the opinions and reduction net friend voice, make a "private" the most influential brand list.
About the festival, everyone chairman and chief executive ChenYiZhou said: "the Internet build brand reputation, the time has come. Any a comprehensive brand, shape and the inheritance, it will have to face the user's examining and review. Everyone nets according to the characteristics of the real SNS, New NBA jerseys provides the user with a fair and impartial platform. By netizens through their own experiences, voted for the most trustworthy brand, let every good reputation and credibility of the enterprise by more people cognition."

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