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On March 16, Fake jerseys perfect world announced the 2011 in the fourth quarter earnings, and announced a $2 per ADS dividends. In a later meeting analysts, perfect world ChiYuFeng CEO, said gross dividends will be as much as $95 million, is the perfect world for the first time since IPO dividends.
ChiYuFeng revealed that the strategy of perfect world will be further enrich play combination, and in social games and mobile end games all will have action. He said,New NBA jerseys perfect the world at present China has issued in two of SNS game, and has won the part of the income, and in the mobile games, also some small project in, will be in a web page game released this year. ChiYuFeng says, perfect in the world this summer will launch plan two game, and will be in the fourth quarter of the year launched web game "saint seiya". He said the company attaches great importance to the saint seiya "this game, at present is in internal tests,Knock off jerseys and the specific time of issue is uncertain.
Last November, perfect the world that and game developers Nexon a strategic cooperation, the establishment of a company in Korea joint. ChiYuFeng in a conference call, the joint venture company is expected to be in this summer in South Korea launched the first game. But he stressed that the current and Nexon cooperation is operation more South Korea online game business,2011 MLB jerseys more is authorized to do game, also no game development cooperation. In addition, according to he revealed, perfect the world at present in the us have two studios in the world, more than 4000 staff worldwide.

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