Fast and Furious: Extradition the Solution


I first posted the following early in October:

Hardly a day goes by without additional information being made public in the Fast and Furious scandal.  A few facts seem to have emerged.

1)   The ATF provided weapons to criminals for the purpose of international shipment.  2)   The ATF violated the stated purposes of its own agency.  3) The ATF violated US federal law and Mexican law.   4) The Attorney General of the United States lied to Congress about his knowledge of the affair.  5)  The result of the program was the death of subordinate US officials.

The resolution of this problem seems clear.  Everyone who supervised, knew about, or carried out this program should be extradited for criminal prosecution and punishment to Mexico.    When they have finished serving whatever punishment is imposed by the Mexican government they can be prosecuted upon reentry into the United States.

The latest news now is that the Attorney General of the United States undoubtedly perjured himself in testimony before Congress.  Other subordinated officials have done the same.  The Limbaugh assessment of the scandal from the outset was that the program was a scheme to generate public support for more gun regulation.   All appearances now are that this was the agenda.    For the purpose of  achieving a political goal of more public support for gun control measures,  weapons were provided to straw purchasers for illegal export into Mexico.  The fly in the ointment was the fact that the scheme was discovered and the Department of Justice was unable to disavow the program.   The depth of corruption which is revealed in this episode is staggering.   There is no doubt now that this was an impeachable offense by the Attorney General and possibly an impeachable offense by the President himself.

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