It’s a Festivus Miracle!

Well we might have a ”shutdown” after all as President Trump will not sign a Continuing Resolution without funding for the border wall and Senate Democrats will block any bill funding the wall.

Of course, this ”Shutdown” affects a small part of the federal government, as the TSA will keep harassing travelers, the IRS will keep stealing money, and the Federal Reserve will keep on printing.

Add the phony shutdown to my list of grievances for this year’s Festivus. Festivus, is the holiday from Seinfeld created by Frank Costanza. Festivus traditions include pole, “feats of strength” and the airing of grievances where you gather your loved ones around you and tell them the ways they have disappointed you.

Well my loved ones have not disappointed me, but the politicians have, and here are some of my other grievances:

  • We’re on the verge of another Federal Reserve-caused recession, yet Congress has not yet passed Audit the Fed.
  • Nancy Pelosi has said the first act of the new House will be campaign finance reform legislation that limits the ability of groups like Campaign for Liberty to mobilize Americans to stop her statist power grabs.
  • Second on Pelosi’s agenda is the Second Amendment, as she has stated that Democrats will act on gun control in 2019.
  • President Trump may help Pelosi attack our right to keep and bear arms. He has suggested taking away people’s right to own guns without giving them due process and banned bump stocks by executive order, an action the Obama administration considered but decided against because Eric Holder said the President did not have the authority to do this by executive order.
  • People blame Rand Paul for the Republicans failure to repeal ObamaCare because he refused to vote for ObamaCare-lite.
  • The fact that Bernie Sanders is now the leading proponent of replacing ObamaCare but he wants to replace it with something worse.
  • The anti-liberty, anti-prosperity “green” agenda including cap-and-tax, and subsidies for green energy, is going to be front-and center in the new Congress
  • Five years after Edward Snowden’s revelations about the extent of NSA spying and the surveillance state is stronger than ever.
  • The TSA. Need I say more

Go to C4L’s Facebook page and air your grievances with the enemies of liberty.

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