Fiction, not a Tyrants Handbook

By Luke Marrazzo

George Orwell is rolling in his grave. Today, many Americans have lost all concept of freedom; instead seeming to believe our freedom comes from the government and thus can be taken away by the government. This fundamental misunderstanding has led to the complacency we see in America in lieu of recent flagrant attacks on the Constitution. This administration knows exactly what it is doing as it bypasses the very precise and unambiguous language of the Constitution. Appling the same logic they like to apply to us onto them, they know they are doing something wrong because they are hiding it. During a a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Rep. Bob Goodlatte asked ODNI General Counsel Robert S Litt:

“Do you think a program of this magnitude gathering information involving a large number of people involved with telephone companies could be indefinitely kept secret from the American people?”

“Well, we tried,” Replied Robert  Litt with a smug smile.

The arrogance displayed by this administration is baffling, but more astounding than that is the apathy many Americans have shown to this. There are riots in the street for a local court case, but little to none for one of the biggest revelations of tyranny in this century. Is it true freedom has become slavery to Americans? War is already peace to far too many of our fellow citizens, and largely thanks to the media, ignorance has become strength. Given the government’s reaction to this latest whistleblower, we should add truth is treason to that list. If the government doesn’t trust us to know what they are doing “for us,” they are not to be trusted to have power. As Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul says, “those of us who know the truth have a moral responsibility to do all we can to restore liberty.” Campaign for Liberty will continue to work with its members to roll-back the surveillance state and restore all of our lost liberties.

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