Fire Fauci

I have a feeling when all this corona madness is behind us, Dr. Anthony Fauci will be relieved if the worst consequence of his actions is being fired.

Because of Dr. Fauci and his “recommendations,” Americans all over the country have spent the last 15 months having their businesses, schools, churches, and the rest of our lives shut down under draconian “lockdowns.”

Even though initially Dr. Fauci said we “only” needed to shut down our lives for “15 Days to Flatten the Curve” in mid-March of 2020, we’re nearing June of 2021, and some states like California, Michigan, New York, Virginia, and others are still suffering under “COVID mitigations” to various degrees.

Fauci lied.

Not only have these lockdown policies and mandates like masks and social distancing been horribly ineffective at achieving any positive health outcomes, they’ve destroyed the economy -- not to mention the long-term damage to people’s lives, businesses, and relationships with friends and family.

Dr. Fauci needs to go NOW.

Fauci has been the head of a wasteful health bureaucracy, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, for nearly 40 years and is the highest paid employee of the federal government, making more than even the president!

But his failures go beyond just mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic -- evidence seems to support that he directed money to the Wuhan lab in China, where further evidence suggests the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus was sparked and spread throughout the world.

My son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), has been very vocal lately in questioning Dr. Fauci, not only on the theater of mask wearing, but also on the dangerous “gain-of-function” research taking place in Wuhan and funded with American tax dollars.

Turns out Rand has been right about everything, including “gain-of-function,” and Fauci has been deceiving the American public -- he’s even admitted to being intentionally deceptive over the past 15 months!

Gain-of-function research creates viruses that are much more contagious than anything found in nature, and Dr. Fauci played a role in this type of research until it was banned in the U.S. in 2014 . . . because it’s too dangerous!

Now we’re finding out the research that led to this coronavirus strain may have all been started back up in China.

If the virus was actually created in the lab, Dr. Fauci has a much bigger problem on his hands.

Here’s what we know, because Fauci admitted it all over the weekend:

>The virus likely didn’t occur naturally — something he had been insisting on up until this weekend>U.S. taxpayer money funded research at the Wuhan Labs under his direction

>NIH grants were used as the vehicle for funding, something he had denied previously

Dr. Fauci deserves to be fired (or worse) for the tyrannical lockdowns, mandates, and his own admissions about this research!

Your legislators in D.C. must hear LOUD AND CLEAR that you know the truth about COVID is finally starting to come out and the first repercussion for the chaos of the last 15 months is FAUCI HAS GOT TO GO!

If you agree, sign the Fire Fauci directive to your U.S. Senators and Representative.

Rand was on Fox News two weeks ago to talk about the possible scenario of Fauci-directed funding being used to create what became COVID-19.

“I don’t know whether it came from the lab. But who could be culpable? Dr. Fauci could be culpable for the entire pandemic!”

Whether the outbreak was because of the research in Wuhan or not, health bureaucrats have capitalized on the fear they’re promoting to seize control of power over our daily lives, which has only benefited the elites.

Big Government statists, global financial elites, and their pals in the national media immediately saw the opportunity to seize more control over you and me and an excuse for funneling massive amounts of OUR wealth to their politically well-connected cronies.

They turned this country into a medical police state, and we became a de facto socialist nation with millions of people being paid to not work!

Governors in state after state have placed restrictions on travel, they shuttered businesses deemed “non-essential,” and they effectively prohibited religious gatherings -- ALL BY DECREE!

And they all took their cues from Dr. Fauci, who needs to be fired immediately so we can start to have an honest discussion about how to move on from this pandemic and never let it happen again.

Campaign for Liberty has been right about the lockdowns and mandates the entire time, even going back to last March, so if you agree with us now, I urge you to sign on to the Fire Fauci Directive.

Sign the Fire Fauci directive to your U.S. Senators and Representative.

Dr. Fauci isn’t done with us yet, so we can’t let him keep control of the health policies in this country.

We must never forget that Fauci’s “recommendations” were what petty tyrant governors used as the excuse for the worst abuses of civil liberties in our country in over a century.

He and his pals like Bill Gates are plotting mandatory vaccines, which will be enforced by corporate fascist companies through the use of a “Vaccine Passport” digital smartphone app, which Fauci said he expects some airlines to implement in the near future.

That would be bad enough, but I would expect it not to stop at airlines and spread to every major corporation that can be bullied or bribed into complying with the scheme.

Fauci’s horrible missteps and possible culpability in the pandemic is enough reason to get rid of him immediately.

As I’ve shouted from the rooftops since this whole Coronacrisis panic began, the authoritarians, Big Government statists, and global elites would lock arms in dire predictions, and drag the country off a cliff.

The public face of it all is, of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Sign the directive to send him packing before he does even more damage.

With everything that’s going on right now, the stakes are higher for the Liberty Movement than ever before.

Fauci and his cabal of authoritarian bureaucrats have been wrong about coronavirus all along! It’s time to get rid of them now and get our country back on track.

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