The first Audit the Fed “Banner Bomb” ads are up!

But Dr. Paul is counting on your help to keep them running. . .

Our biggest concern is we may not be able to fully implement Phase One of this “Banner Bomb” program without an immediate influx of support from liberty-minded patriots like you.

Will you pitch in right away to help keep these ads running and get more plastered across the Internet in our targeted districts?

We’re running these ads for a simple reason: To expose and end all the harm and chaos the banksters at the Federal Reserve wreak on our economy.

The good news is, our Audit the Fed “Banner Bomb” will drive that message home LOUD and CLEAR.

These ads are designed to get the type of mass mobilization campaign rolling to gather cosponsors and FORCE Nancy Pelosi to bring up Audit the Fed, by creating a massive and IMMEDIATE tidal wave of petitions, phone calls, and emails demanding action.

But to really show Speaker Pelosi we mean business, we need you with us now more than ever.

The fact is, these days, politicians -- and those who influence their decisions, not to mention those impacted by them -- pay significant attention to what’s happening online in the Internet world.

That’s why Campaign for Liberty is counting on liberty-minded patriots like you to help ensure our targeted U.S. Representatives see Campaign for Liberty’s Audit the Fed banners everywhere they look on the web!

Will you pitch in to help get these ads up everywhere in our targeted districts with a generous contribution of $237, $143, $82 -- or even $61, $37, or $19 -- right away?

When our ads go up, the politicians’ friends, family, and staff will see posts like this plastered all over the web.

And before long, the phones calls and petitions these ads generate will start pouring in to their congressional office -- from there it won’t take long before many of them contact Rep. Thomas Massie (H.R. 24’s sponsor) and ask to have their name added to the bill just to make it all stop!

To ensure we drive as many cosponsors as possible to support Rep. Thomas Massie’s H.R. 24, Dr. Paul has set a crucial benchmark to raise $145,629 by midnight on June 13 to fully implement Phase One of our targeted “Banner Bomb!”

That’s why Campaign for Liberty needs patriots like you to step up IMMEDIATELY so Speaker Pelosi will be FORCED to bring up Audit the Fed.

The Federal Reserves’ print-now, ask-questions-later policies have threatened the financial well being of every man, woman, and child in America long enough.

So won’t you please consider helping plaster the web with ads like these in each of our targeted districts?

The great news is, on the Internet, you can have greater impact with fewer dollars -- just look at the approximate number of views your generous support can secure for our Audit the Fed “Banner Bomb” on the sites below:

Pitch in $19

~ 9,000 views on Drudge Report

Pitch in $82

~ (best value) 42,000 views on Drudge Report

Pitch in $37

~ 11,000 views on Breitbart

Pitch in $143

~ 70,000 views on Fox News

Pitch in $61

~ 19,000 views on The Daily Caller

Pitch in $237

~ 95,000 on Breitbart

With your help, our plan will make it impossible for the Federal Reserve bansksters to hide all the harm and chaos they wreak on our economy!

But it’s going to take a significant influx of resources to meet the crucial benchmark of $145,629 by midnight on June 13 that Dr. Paul has set to fully implement Phase One of our targeted “Banner Bomb!”

Please pitch in with as generous a contribution as you can right away.

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