Forced into submission

If Florida can finally drop the charade, why can’t the rest of the states?

The governors of states across the U.S. are proving to be the worst kind of authoritarians we could ever imagine.

Using fear tactics and executive overreach, they have spent months destroying constitutional rights, their state’s economies, and the health and well-being of their own citizens with reckless abandon.

The one common excuse for this type of tyranny is that “the CDC guidance made me do it.”

State governments are supposed to be a check on the federal bureaucracy, standing in the way of their own state being forced into submission by unaccountable bullies in Washington, D.C.

Campaign for Liberty is fighting back!

If we’re going to move beyond this so-called “pandemic,” back to a society where people and small businesses have a chance to survive without a constant medical surveillance shutting them down and forcing them to make health decisions against their will, the governors of most states will need to step up and end this madness.

Or they need to step down.

The CDC does not get to run our state governments.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finally saw the light. After seeing the devastation brought about by the lockdowns and mandates, he finally decided to end the mandates, open all businesses in his state of 21.5 million Americans, and even stripped away any monetary penalty for “mask violations,” including those who have not paid their fine for failing to wear a muzzle.

This is progress!

But it isn’t enough.

Please sign your petition demanding your governor fully reopen your state and NEVER lock it down again!

Many states are headed in the opposite direction of Florida and considering new rounds of lockdowns, using FLU season as the new excuse. We’ve never done this before during the seasonal flu, so why start now?

They have no justification to continue on this path and they know it.

What’s amazing to me is that some people are still putting up with it, and in fact, inviting more tyranny because they’ve been frightened so badly by the authoritarian politicians and the fear-mongering media. Good people have been given the false hope that the government will rescue them.

Tell your governor you won’t accept any more lockdown tyranny. Sign the petition now!

It’s painful to watch the results of all this social engineering of our daily lives and personal habits with no proof that it’s making any difference in how a virus behaves.

Average Americans are fighting with each other over mask wearing and “social distancing,” which is doing great damage to our society and our children.

The governors will be the ones who have to endure the long-term effects of the toll this will take on their state’s economy. All of the overblown fear has destroyed travel and tourism, which many states rely on to keep their economy moving.

Maybe you saw that just a few days ago, Walt Disney Co. laid off 29,000 workers because of the shutdown and restrictions put on them!

The only thing the governors appear to have on their minds is the next federal bailout!

Citizens nationwide have grown tired of the hysteria, and they want the government to just get out of the way so they can pick up the pieces of their lives, go back to work, and feed their families.

Giving in to fear will always turn us into mere subjects of the ruling class. The same has been true during my time in politics and throughout history.

You and I have to demand our own state governments fully open up our economies now, stop these abuses of the American public, and stop taking away our freedom!

Sign your petition now.

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