Forge on for liberty!

You and I have come so far together!

Your Campaign for Liberty was founded 12 years ago to continue the r3VOLution that we started in 2007, in the midst of two wars and a Federal Reserve-fueled meltdown of financial markets.

My 2008 presidential campaign was a real eye opener for me personally. I learned that individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a constitutional foreign policy were more popular than I had even envisioned.

That’s why the founding of Campaign for Liberty in 2008 to carry on that mission was so critical, and I can’t thank you enough for so many years of support and hard work to protect our liberties.

Campaign for Liberty is Born: The Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis, 2008.

As you know, facing down the Deep State and entrenched establishment forces was never going to be easy, yet you and I have won some very important victories.

Just this year, your efforts to end government spying on American citizens was brought closer to reality when the worst parts of the so-called “USA Freedom Act” expired as a direct result of your relentless pressure on Congress.

And while you and I must remain steadfast in our fight against this raw abuse of power, you should be proud -- as I am -- of this incredible accomplishment.

Yes, we’re still facing down a Federal Reserve run amok, but we’re closer than ever to exposing the central bank and their insider pals for the robber barons they really are.

Just think -- when I first ran for office, few people even understood what the Federal Reserve was. Now, nearly 80% of American citizens support our efforts to audit the Fed!

And now, with the financial disaster that is upon us as a result of the unprecedented measures taken in response to the coronavirus, people are actually waking up to the need to END the Fed and legalize sound money and even competing currencies.

It’s safe to say organizations like Campaign for Liberty are needed now more than ever, and we are certainly up to the task of waging the battles against the authoritarians.

The political battles you and I face over the overblown coronavirus “pandemic,” the tyrannical lockdowns, loss of medical freedom, and the Big Tech-sponsored tracing and tracking will be ongoing for quite some time into the future. Now we face the prospects of mandatory government-forced vaccinations.

We know what the politicians and bureaucrats are doing is wrong -- and so do they -- but they are digging their heels in.

They’re not counting on your resolve to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights, no matter what the cost, and that’s where they always fail in the long run.

As Campaign for Liberty charges into our 13th year of focused and dedicated grassroots activism, I remain amazed and humbled at how much we have accomplished together over the years.

I’m very proud of the determination and dedication of our grassroots supporters like you.

I think it’s quite appropriate we are looking back at the last 12 years of our activism since “Constitution Day” is today.

For me, the Constitution is more than just a founding document -- it’s the culmination of the ideas that have been around for centuries.

And the Constitution is what guides Campaign for Liberty every single day.

We are fortunate to live in the country founded on the principles limiting the powers of government. With your help, you and I can restore our Republic and bind the government down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.

It’s been an honor to stand with you for so many years, and I want to personally thank you for your hard work, dedication, and devotion to the cause of liberty.

And as you know, the battles for liberty take time, energy, and money.

-Ron Paul

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