Former NSA chief thinks phoney surveillance reform is cool


Former National Security Agency (NSA) director Michal Hyden recently commented on the passage of the USA FREEDOM Act. Since we where increasingly  told by the bill's supporters that USA FREEDOM Act reigned in the NSA, Hyden was not doubt  critical of the bill...

well not exactly, in fact his comments show why this bill should be refereed to as the NSA FREEDOM Act....

Former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden on Monday marveled at the puny nature of the surveillance reforms put in place two years after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed a vast expansion of intrusive U.S. government surveillance at home and abroad.

Hayden mocked the loss of the one program that was reined in — the NSA’s bulk collection of metadata information about domestic phone calls — calling it “that little 215 program.”

And he said if someone had told him two years ago that the only effect of the Snowden revelations would be losing it, his reaction would have been: “Cool!”

Of course, USA NSA FREEDOM does not end megadata collection, it outsources it to the telecommunications companies. Yet even this phony "reform" was considered unacceptable by so many security hawks. Even worse, so many so-called "civil libertarians" supported this bill. even though Hayden is not the first NSA official to admit that USA NSA FREEDOM does little or nothing to protect our liberties.

Campaign for Liberty will continue to work to roll-back the surveillance state and restore our fourth amendment rights. We will also refuse to fall for any phony "compromise" legislation like the USA NSA FRREDOM Act. Please join our efforts.

(hat/tip: The Intercept).


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